Kitchen Sinks 7 Inch Deep

How about a brand new 7 inch deep undermount kitchen sink that is robust and stylish both at the same time? It’s a brilliant idea if you believe us. While most sinks that sell begin at 8 inch depth, the truth is that most of us do face backache while using these kitchen sinks.

A 7” sink is not too shallow and at the same time doesn’t need you to bend too much while using it. And that is what your saviour from your pesky backache is.

Let 7 Be your Special Number

Yes, standard inches are there for a reason, and the reason is that many of us find it okay to use. But what about those who need a more shallow kitchen sink that neither makes them bend too much nor is too shallow for soaking pans.

Our range offers

  • 7” deep single bowl sinks
  • 7” deep single bowl large sinks
  • 7” deep double bowl sinks
  • 7” D-shaped single bowl sinks
  • Robust quality stainless steel
  • Superior finish 
  • Modern designs


At Kral Su, when you choose one of these amazing 7 inch deep undermount kitchen sinks, you choose more than just convenience. You choose quality. You choose looks that never go out of style. We offer a range that is ace in everything you expect from it.