24 Inch Kitchen Sink

24 inch kitchen sinks are a rather popular option when it comes to rust-free stainless steel material. Kral Su brings you a range of slick-looking, modern, smoothly finished designs in 24inch size. Take your pick from a range of depth, radius, and gauge choices. 

Assured high-quality stainless, non-corrosive steel, convenient shape, and durability are some of the major advantages that Kral Su brings to you with this amazing range of 24” undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks. 

Beautiful Functionality

From the stylish elegance of traditional undermounts to the modern design of dramatic 90-degree corners, capture the theme of your kitchen with the right sink. Our 24 inch kitchen sinks are the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen and workhorse to tackle all those tough kitchen chores.

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Timeless, elegant, and the durability to withstand even the most demanding chores, these are feat...

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25 radius corner sinks make a distinct appearance in your kitchen.

Why Choose a 24” Kitchen Sink?

  • 24 inch is one of the most convenient sizes to use, preferred by most homeowners for kitchens of all sorts.
  • Smooth looks and no angled edges are pleasing to the eyes as well convenient to use.
  • Choose from a variety of depths, and gauges according to your preference.
  • 24” undermount kitchen sinks are easier to install and clean.
  • ADA compatible sinks also available.