27 Inch Kitchen sink

Looking for a durable yet stylish 27” kitchen sink? We’ve got an array of options for you. Buy sleek, angular, modern looking designs with a choice of depth, radius, and gauge you like. All featured kitchen sinks are durable and made out of excellent stainless steel that stands the test
of over-the-time use and the effect of cleaning agents.

Bold & Capable

Experience the functionality and beauty available in our line of 27 inch undermount sinks. Featuring large single bowls, that are easy to maintain, these sinks are engineered to take on your toughest kitchen chores.

Why Choose a 27” Kitchen Sink?
● It is one of the most popular sink sizes that people like in their homes. It makes for a size that is convenient and is also easy on the eye.
● It is available in a variety of edges, depth, and gauges that you find apt for your kitchen.
● Our range of 27 inch kitchen sinks is as affordable as it is durable.

Shop By Depth

ADA Compatible

ADA compliant kitchen sinks offer a shallow depth and meet ADA requirements for homes and public ...

7 Inch Depth

7-inch depth sinks are the perfect compromise between the standard sink depth and shallower ADA s...

9 Inch Depth

9-inch depth is the industry standard and offers the perfect utilitarian sink for all of your dai...

10 Inch Depth

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Shop By Radius

Radius 0

A departure from the gradual curves of traditional sinks, zero radius sinks offer sharp lines and...

Radius 15

With a tighter radius than standard sinks, these sinks create a distinctly professional look that...

Standard Radius

The most common and popular radius for every project, home remodels, or do-it-yourself renovation.

With Kral Su, you have the trust of the best of local and global brands as trusted by customers. When you buy from us, you move with the promise that we will always offer the best of products at the most competitive prices and an amazing customer experience.

Our collection of 27” kitchen sinks is something that will be as high on aesthetics as on utility. Thanks to the amazing designs of these sinks, you no longer have to choose between utility and looks, like once the case was, when the looks of the sinks were not considered important at all.