single bowl kitchen sink

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Series

We offer a wide variety and styles of single bowl kitchen sinks that are manufactured from 304 stainless steel to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear of daily kitchen chores. Choose from a range of corner radius to create a specific look in your kitchen, get the functionality you need with a number of bowl configuration options and even meet ADA requirements with ADA-compliant sinks offered for our most popular models.

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ADA Compatible

ADA compliant kitchen sinks offer a shallow depth and meet ADA requirements for homes and public ...

7 Inch Depth

7-inch depth sinks are the perfect compromise between the standard sink depth and shallower ADA s...

9 Inch Depth

9-inch depth is the industry standard and offers the perfect utilitarian sink for all of your dai...

10 Inch Depth

Enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen with a 10-inch deep sink, designed to gi...

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Radius 0

A departure from the gradual curves of traditional sinks, zero radius sinks offer sharp lines and...

Radius 15

With a tighter radius than standard sinks, these sinks create a distinctly professional look that...

Radius 25

The perfect option for busy kitchens; these sinks provide more functional space than standard sin...

Standard Radius

The most common and popular radius for every project, home remodels, or do-it-yourself renovation.

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