Best Kitchen Sink Options for Renovation in 2021

If you’re stuck with inefficient & outdated appliances, lighting, and kitchen fixtures, you are probably overpaying for utility and water. There is an abundance of money-saving upgrades for homeowners, and one of these is replacing a kitchen sink having cracks or leaking around the sides.

A replacement kitchen sink that seamlessly blends with the theme of your cooking space not only overcomes these problems, but also enhances overall aesthetics.

Here, in this article, we will be reviewing top sink options for renovation in 2021, so scroll down and have a look:-

#1 Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

What is an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

An under-mount kitchen sink is an elegant option that can fit into any kitchen. It derives its name from the fact that it sits under the counter, meaning the edges are at the level of the countertop.

If you are tight on kitchen space and want every inch to count, then you consider an under-mount kitchen sink. It takes slightly less counter space and makes cleaning the counter much easier.

What are the Pros of an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

  • An under-mount kitchen sink creates striking, fine lines in the kitchen.
  • It gives you slightly more counter space.
  • It is easy to wipe food and other mess into the sink.
  • The under-mount sink is much deeper for cleaning large pots & pans

What are the Cons of an Undermount Kitchen Sink?

  • Under-mounted sinks are slightly more expensive compared to other types.
  • Professional installation is required.
  • The risk of chirping when moving heavy objects along the edges is high.
  • The water can accumulate between the counter and sink gap.

#2 Topmount Kitchen Sink

Topmount Kitchen Sink

What is a Topmount Kitchen Sink?

Also known as the drop-in sink, a top-mount kitchen sink is installed by professionals by cutting a hole in the countertop, and then placing the top-mount sink. It leaves a rim or lip that sits flat on the countertop. The lip is essential for the top-mount kitchen sink, which is also termed a self-rimming sink.

A top-mount kitchen sink presents an inclusion of silicone caulk at the metal clips and sinks edges. You can buy a kitchen sink based on the style and size of your kitchen countertop.

What are the Pros of a Topmount Kitchen Sink?

  • Installation of a top-mount kitchen sink is easier and less expensive compared to an under-mount kitchen sink.
  • Top-mount sinks aren’t often as expensive as under-mount sinks.

What are the Cons of a Topmount Kitchen Sink?

  • Slightly less curb appeal.
  • A top-mount kitchen sink is harder to clean.

#3 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

What is a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

The apron front sink or farmhouse kitchen sink has an exposed front-facing side and they are beautiful, spacious, and timeless. Farmhouse kitchen sinks are typically large in size and offer multi-purposes of use, spanning from washing laundry, bathing baby, and kitchen duties.

A farmhouse kitchen sink adds a rustic and elegant feel to any kitchen that is often distinctive. You can go with a stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink, regular cleaning will keep it sparkling clean.

What are the Pros of a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks are deeper and wider than conventional sinks.
  • They add a great aesthetic to your cooking space.
  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks are versatile in terms of use.

What are the Cons of a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

  • Farmhouse sinks tend to be more expensive.
  • A farmhouse sink needs additional support.
  • It requires more space.

#4 Double Bowl Sink

Double Bowl Sink

What is a Double Bowl Sink?

As the name suggests, it has two basins with a separator in between. Typically, both the sinks are of the same size. You can fill one bowl with soapy water, and another bowl for raising water off the dishes.

These double bowl sinks are available in several sizes and configurations. Some manufacturers make one sink smaller and shallower than the other.

What are the Pros of a Double Bowl Sink?

  • They fit in smaller spaces.
  • They are roomier for washing large dishes and pans.
  • They are ideal for washing dishes by hand.

What are the Cons of a Double Bowl Sink?

  • They take greater under-counter storage space.
  • Maintenance is challenging.

Let’s Wind Up

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