Top Ways to Choose the Best Working Kitchen Designs

Careful planning is imperative to creating a cooking space that is both beautiful and highly functional. Whether you're cooking, cleaning, or eating, your kitchen must be a place where you enjoy being, and thoughtful kitchen planning can make it happen.

In this article, we create a practical guide on how to select the best working kitchen designs to plan your dream space. So, let’s scroll down to learn about this:-

#1 Follow the Golden Triangle Rule

For optimum efficiency, your storage areas, cooking, and cleaning must sit at three functional points, forming the right work triangle. It ensures smooth fluidity of movement between compartmentalized activities, hob, sink, and refrigerator; as opposed to working side-by-side. Although this arrangement may not be feasible for every workspace, you could tweak it to make it work for you.

You can have a kitchen sink and hob in a straight line with a refrigerator on the opposite side, therefore forming an isosceles triangle.

#2 Be Creative With Space-Saving Techniques

Space Saving Techniques

Housemakers crave more storage space in the kitchen and easy hacks. Opt for prop-out preparation boards if counter space is a primary consideration.

To save more space, choose pull-out shelves over regular drawers, foldaway trolleys instead of an island, built-in appliances, and flush-set sinks. Like these, there are numerous smart & intuitive storage solutions.

#3 Undermount Kitchen Sink is a Space-Saver

Undermount Kitchen Sink

If you wish to save every inch of space in your cooking space, then go with a single-bowl, small under-mount kitchen sink. You’ll eke out a considerable amount of counter space beside the kitchen sink because the edges of the sink are concealed. Although an under-mount kitchen saves space, it looks and feels capacious.

At kralsu, we have high-quality, stainless steel, ADA-compliant under-mount kitchen sinks. We offer you the broadest selection of styles, types, and even steel thicknesses to meet your specific needs. We assure you of high-quality construction and come with a scratch-resistant premium satin finish.

#4 Light Up Well

Well-lit kitchen space is essential when working and moving around. Proper lighting makes cooking and preparing meals safer, it shows up dirty quickly so that you can keep the area clean and make the environment pleasant.

When deciding on the light features, ensure that you invest in accent lights, ambient lights, and task lights. Downlighting is the most preferred option for ambient lighting while preventing glares & shadows.

Strip lighting is practical to install under the cabinets and illuminating the countertops. The wide-rimmed pendant lights are an aesthetically appealing addition over the island counter.

#5 Don’t Forget the Backsplash

While countertops are primary concerns when designing a kitchen, the backsplash often gets overlooked in the scheme of things.

A kitchen wall, no matter how well protected it is with scrubbable paint, is no match to occupational hazards from stove or sink. Therefore, a backsplash is a must, not only is it functional, it adds a stroke of class & elegance to your cooking space.

#6 Consider Electrical Outlets

Make sure your kitchen has plenty of electrical outlets in areas where you plan to put up a toaster oven, coffee pot, blender, and other prevalent countertop appliances. You need to install outlets around the backsplash and on the island; so you will have electricity wherever you want.

For additional customization, consider outfitting a drawer with USB ports and outlets as a charging station.


#7 Choose Your Finishing Touches

You can make your kitchen feel coherent by subtly linking finishes. For instance, a pair of timber breakfast bars with wooden stools. Minute details such as candle handles can make all the difference, transforming a white scheme.

Rather than buying from one supplier, source accessories and furnishings from a variety of places, and mix them to create something distinctive. Unusual objects you buy helps in creating a more homely and characterful environment.

The Bottom Line

At kralsu, we stock the widest range of high-quality, modern kitchen accessories. We have ADA-compliant kitchen sinks including under-mount, top-mount, double down, and farmhouse. We also have sophisticated and functional pull-down, pull-out, and top-install faucets.

We promise fast shipping of your order, and 30-days money back guarantees, and not to mention, lifetime warranty.

For more information, call us at 202-494-5538 toll-free or email us at - we’re happy to assist you.

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